The Origin Story

“Great games come and go, but gamers and the gaming community are forever.”

- Shawn Mahon, Founder & CEO, The Gamers Grid. 


We're Gamers First

We started the Gamers Grid because we wanted to give gamers representation they can be proud of. As gamers ourselves, we know that gaming has come a long way, and still has so much runway ahead. 


The NEW Standard

From great action franchises such as Halo, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, to the gripping and emotional tales like The Last of Us, The Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy, or even the adventures of Little Big Planet, Super Mario World, and Fall Guy, we share great moments that bind us.

The Gamers Grid bridges the gap between gamers across multiple generations. The Gamers Grid represents the online gaming community through its high-quality apparel tailored to the standards of modern gamers.


Apparel and Lifestyle Brand

The Gamers Grid is an apparel and lifestyle brand born in a transformative age to unite the online gaming community behind a single brand to contribute to the expansion and acceptance of online gaming.


We've come a long way since Grandpa's Pong.

To be a gamer today it requires a tech foundation, developed intelligence, and participation in a virtual community.

By uniting the different segments of online gaming in the form of sport, entertainment, and social networking under one brand it becomes easier to accelerate the industry’s growth which benefits all gamers. In addition to its high-quality apparel, Gamers Grid will be a hub for players to connect and promote their content.

While The Gamers Grid is focused on fostering community and competition within video games and esports, we believe that the best gaming experiences are created, shared, and owned by the community, independent of the game that is played.